Colleen Braun, RYT 200

Colleen’s first yoga experience was after a sweaty gym class where feeling the seeds of relief in achy joints and muscles and a great sense of relaxation brought a desire to explore yoga more in depth. After dabbling with a few different classes, she ended up at Source Yoga Studios where she learned the value of movement and expression while focusing on the breath and was hooked. After several years of practicing at Source, Colleen found a new home at the Winnipeg Yoga Shala practicing Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga There she learned the value of repeating poses day after day and how much life and time on the mat echo each other, sometimes feeling like slogging through mud and other times feeling free, open, and ready to take on that elusive “next pose”.

Completing her first yoga teacher training at Source Yoga Studios in Winnipeg in 2009, Colleen furthered her personal studies in Ashtanga by completing a year-long teacher training at the Shala in 2011. Colleen has a keen understanding that people come to yoga from different perspectives. Some want a workout, some want to increase flexibility, some just want to lay back on a pillow because it’s the only chance they get to relax in their crazy week. Her practice has led her to realize that the yoga will seep into your life from your mat right up into your heart. Colleen is grateful to her friends who introduced her to yoga and teachers who have been instrumental in facilitating this journey, Dillon Cherrett, Liane Cherrett, Jonathan Austman, and those I practice with.

All are welcome for any reason at any time and if you find a little more space to breath in your life – mission accomplished!

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