Linda Klassen, MFC Fitness Theory, Certified Pole Dance Instructor

Linda is a mother of three and enjoys walking, playing sports, listening to music, but most of all dancing. After having her children, she experienced a concerning depression and found herself very insecure of body and soul. After a while, she knew she had to do something about it. This brought Linda to dancing. When Linda was introduced to pole dancing she couldn’t help but misjudge the theory of it all. Linda remembered watching Oprah a year prior while promoting pole dancing and how great a workout it is for a woman to do. Since then Linda discovered not only was it a fun way to work out, it has been such an amazing journey, learning about her body and confidence she never thought she had before.

Pole Dancing for fitness has been a part of Linda’s life for over a decade. Linda took classes for 4 years before she became an instructor. The empowerment she received from Pole Dancing inspired Linda to take an instructor course through Divas on the Loose… and she has now been teaching for over 6 years.

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