Linda Klassen, MFC Fitness Theory, Certified Pole Dance Instructor

Linda is a mother of four beautiful boys and is strongly devoted to spending time with her family. She makes time for herself by pursuing her passion of dance!

Linda tried her first pole dancing class after her second child. She was nervous to try it because of how society stereotypes pole dancing. But what she came to discover was that pole dancing is hugely empowering and that was exactly what she needed at that time in her life.

Pole dancing can be performed by anyone! Women and men, of all ages and sizes. Pole dancing will build your confidence and improve your fitness level.

The confidence and empowering she received from pole dancing inspired Linda to take an instructor course to be certified so she could help other women achieve those changes. Pole dancing has been a part of Linda’s life since 2007 and she has been teaching since 2011. Her love of sensual dance has caused her to branch out and she offers her students additional styles of dance such as the Art of Tease, Burlesque, and Chair dancing.

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