PFIC Aerial Hoop Instructor Certification

PFIC Lyra-1 – Basic Fundamentals of Aerial Hoops

2 Day Training (16 hours split into 2 – 8 hour segments)
Individual Course Fee:
With Prior PFIC Certification $599 + 5% GST (not including equipment)
Without Prior PFIC Certification $699 + 5% GST (not including equipment)

Schedule: Saturday, April 27 and Sunday, April 28 10am – 6pm
Location: Vivacity Fitness

PFIC Lyra1 training focuses on body safety and alignment technique in, on and under the aerial hoop. We teach strength building exercises to help your students, plus fantastic mounts and dismounts with all the beautiful basic poses found in the aerial hoop. Created for the informed instructor, this course provides you with everything needed to include Lyra as a program designation in your alternative fitness studio.

– Beginner and Intermediate Poses
– Technique and Correct Form
– Safety and Spotting
– Class Sequencing and Flow

Teaching Methods
– Rigging, Equipment Maintenance
-Risk Management, Screening & Legal Liability

Strength Training Methods for the Hoop
– Basic Mounts and Dismounts
– Basic Hangs and Poses in, on and under the hoop
– Basic Modifications to boost your curriculum.

What comes with the Program:
– 16 hours of practical and theory training over 2 days
– 34 verified practical hours additional needed to receive certificate number
– PFIC Lyra Basic1 Manual
– Certificate of Completion
– 2 year Valid Certification. Re-Certification Required on or before 2 year anniversary
– Access to Online Group for continued support
– Access to low cost PFIC Insurance for Aerial Programs after required hours.

Register at: Stilettos… Beginner Choreo and Combos, all in Sexy Stilettos

April 26 6:30pm-7:30pm

Cost: $25 per workshop
OR $40 for two workshops

Register at:

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