I joined Vivacity Fitness almost two years ago now and it was a decision that I will never regret. I wanted to get in better shape, get into a fitness routine, and continue to be active on off sport seasons. Nearing my late twenties I knew it was only going to get harder and wanted to make a change now. 

I have been going routinely to Vivacity for weight training or as we call it “boot camp”. I have taken the Kick Boxing class previously as well. I found not only a supportive motivating trainer, but fantastic classes that are never the same, and a support group with other clients that will last a lifetime. I truly find class enjoyable as you never know what to expect and the smile never leaves my face. I found myself in the process and a strength I never knew I had. The things you never thought you couldn’t do before you can! 

Kassy pushes you and knows what you can achieve and she’s right and you can do more than you thought possible. I notice the change in my endurance, my motivation, my sports ability, and my outlook. I’ve learned I can push myself more than I think I can all thanks to Vivacity Fitness. I can’t wait to see my progress in another year!


I have worked on my body for many years and my weight has rollercoastered up and down. It has been a constant struggle that started in my teens and through the births of my two children the scale continued to fluctuate.This lead me to try many quick weight loss programs over the years. They work, as long as one sticks to it but as soon as you go off that “program” the weight eventually comes back…continuing the scale cycle.

I fell in love weight lifting, especially one on one with a trainer. I found success and enjoyed the trainers I worked with, but unfortunately so many of those trainers switched professions and each time that put a halt on my journey. At 40, I lost the weight (yet again) and was in the best shape I had been in years. Then I injured both of my knees. The scale quickly started climbing once again leaving me demotivation and overwhelmed, so I gave up.

Winter 2015, now age 44, with knee and back injuries plaguing me, I ate my way to 219lbs. I knew that it was time to make a change and I needed a solution that would be sustainable. That is when I found Vivacity Fitness.

I started out with Kassy’s Aerial yoga classes, out of curiosity. I was concerned how my injuries would limit what activity was possible. But the class was fun and had a supportive environment. Kassy was encouraging, even though I was not very good at what we were doing. This made me continue and not long after we started weekly personal training sessions.

Kassy is a fantastic trainer and business owner. She knows how to support you and helps you push through those days where you just would not do it if you were on your own. She will modify your program if needed and best of all, she makes you feel good about yourself! I love the fact that I have found a truly amazing and passionate young trainer, who has created her own business. This shows me that she will be sticking around.

My journey is a work in progress! Since I started with Kassy, we have worked to improve my strength, and lose some weight to prepare me for my second knee surgery. We were successful… In 6 months I was down 35lbs and much stronger!

I was back in the gym two weeks post surgery and we did what we could under the guidance of my Doctor and Physiotherapist. With the help of Kassy and homoeopath, Dr. Bouchard at Kas-Sky Wholistic Health Care Centre; my recovery has been so much better this time- quicker and less painful than my first knee surgery. Both these amazing ladies have helped me through my journey, of improving my health, and with a passion that I have not received before from another trainer or Doctor. I truly look forward to continuing my health journey with these fantastic ladies.

Now a year later I am not yet at my goal, but I know that I have more work to do and with the help and support of Kassy I will get there!

Persevered Against All Odds

It was the fall of 2013. I was feeling very “blah” about my 44 year old self, both physically and mentally, and dreading another winter of feeling lethargic and sorry for myself. My clothes were tight, my energy was low, and I wasn’t liking myself very much. I wasn’t a stranger to working out at gyms, would have spurts of going, but always lost the motivation to stay. I knew what I needed to do to get to where I wanted to be, but had no motivation.

Then I met Kassy.

She was teaching a Zumba class I signed up for at a local school. I was drawn to her energy and friendly smile, so I followed Kassy to Vivacity Fitness and signed up for a bootcamp class. I was instantly made welcome by the other people taking her class, and felt at ease…until it was time for full body pushups! We got into position, and I remember being so embarrassed. I looked up at Kassy and said, “But this is all I can do!”, going down maybe an inch. Instead of rolling her eyes, she said, “That’s okay. This is where you start, and soon you’ll be able to do one. I promise!”. I can’t thank her enough for seeing the potential in me. Now, when she says “twenty five pushups” I still groan, but I can do them with confidence.

I am thrilled to have found the motivation to continue going to Vivacity. I keep going because of the people. We are a wide range of ages, sizes, and levels of fitness, but we all encourage each other and push each other to improve, without judgement. When someone new walks through the door, they are greeted with heartfelt welcomes from everyone. It is an amazing, safe, and positive environment to be in! We are always laughing and having FUN! This group of amazing people has become my fitness family.

I also keep coming back because of the results I have seen in myself. Kassy pushes me when I am slacking, adjusts my workouts when I have issues with pain, and always encourages me to “Keep Going!!” (we hear that A LOT in class!). I surprise myself with the amount of weight I can lift. The saying “Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t, you’re right” rings so true. So when Kassy tells me which weight I need, I trust her. Sometimes I think she’s crazy, but I trust her, and she’s usually right.

My experience with Vivacity and Kassy doesn’t end when I go home. The Vivacity Fitness team has gone to Colour Me Rad for the past two years, we’ve been to fitness fundraisers (and even won a box seat at a Goldeye’s game for team spirit!), and had two relay teams entered at the St. Malo Triathlon last summer. Not only this, but Kassy ran with me at my first 10K race in the spring of 2015. It was a goal of mine to run a 10K, but I am confident that without Kassy’s encouragement and advice, I would have let another dream fall to the wayside. By the end of the summer, I completed three 10K races! This year, I am excited about another Colour Me Rad, and participating in Mud Hero at Grand Beach with the Vivacity group.

Since I started at Vivacity, I have become stronger, leaner, more toned, and a happier person. Incredibly, I haven’t lost a single pound on the scale!! I replaced fat with lean muscle, and no longer stress about the number on the scale. I finally like seeing my curves when I look in the mirror and flexing my new muscles. I’ve worked hard for them!

I can’t thank Kassy and my friends at Vivacity enough for being my cheerleaders, my mentors, and being a part of my journey to good health and fitness.

Run like the Wind

I have been working with Kassy since September 2011. As one that has struggled with my weight my whole life, committing to a weekly personal training session has been a huge win. With Kassy’s consistent, customized programs, I am happy to be entering my 50th year stronger, fitter and healthier than I have ever been. It feels fabulous! Kassy’s is caring and committed to helping her clients achieve success on their on terms. She can help you make your goals a reality.

Your Life Unlimited

My journey at Vivacity Fitness 3 years ago was a slow one at the beginning because it had been 17 years of no exercise and too many fad diets that left me at 195lbs when I was 45years OLD. I was looking for a fun, clean facility close to home but not so large that you are just a number. My first class was Yoga with Kassy, now I’ve never done yoga but I thought the no impact, stretching and meditation would be a good start. After my first class I was hooked. Kassy never offers the same routine which is great for my tired mind to be woken up and she has such a calming vibe that sometimes I’ve been know to snooze a little at the end of class!

So fast forward six months, I knew if I wanted to make a difference in my health I needed more than one class a week, so I added a Women’s Weight Circuit class two times a week. I enjoyed it but WOW did I feel fat, old and extremely out of shape. All of which I was but I forced myself to go because I knew it was a long journey to reclaim my health. I discovered that the combination of yoga and weights was an excellent stress reliever and boy did I have a lot to release!

Now I had also changed some of my eating habits because I knew they go hand in hand to making a positive difference but even after 6 months of the yoga & circuit classes I was still really tired and my body wasn’t budging. My mindset of a better me, Kassy’s amazing personality & workouts plus the new friends I made at classes were the only thing keeping me going.

I was feeling frustrated about the little changes that I was seeing when a very dear friend of mine introduced me to her Nutritional Cleansing program. I was a huge skeptic because like I said I’ve tried all the fads and they didn’t work. She explained how the system worked, the support that is available and the 100% money back guarantee. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Well after 5 days I felt like a wet blanket had been pulled off of me.. I was sleeping better, my mood was better and I had more energy! Was this stuff legal I wondered? With this in my body I was working out with a lot more energy, my recovery time was exceptional and I CRAVED MORE gym time. I talked with Kassy about the program, she was very familiar with it and supported me 100%. So it wasn’t long before I signed up for another yoga class and kickboxing!!! I even brought my 6’3″ 21yr old son to a few kickboxing classes.. He couldn’t keep up with me and I totally shocked him with how strong I was. Nobody could wipe the huge smile off my face that day! Now our “Women’s Weight Circuit” is called “Bootcamp” because every time Kassy pushed us we dug deep and supported each other to the next level. The last 2 summers I completed the “MS Biking to the Viking” which is a 2 day 168km bike ride. I have signed up for another one in 2015 along with the “Riding Mountain Bike Challenge” which is a shorter distance of 150kms in 2 days but lots of hills.

I have also completed 2 personal assessments with Kassy to see my progress in the past year. I really wish I would have done this when I first started to see the amazing changes. I finally asked Kassy to prepare a personal training workout for me when I’m away on vacation so that I can keep stay in shape. She offers so much to all her clients.

Well I am happy to report that after 3 years I have lost a total of 40lbs and 45″, I definitely don’t feel fat, old & extremely out of shape any longer and I feel lighter, faster, stronger and extremely healthy. All of this happened because I opened my mind and I surrounded myself with amazing and very supportive people like Kassy, my workout buddies & my nutritional cleansing group. Thank you just isn’t enough – I love you all so very much!

Bootcamp Babe

I love Vivacity because of Kassy. About a year ago I signed up for Boot camp with Kassy. I remember after my first class I thought that lady is crazy, I can’t believe I am paying her to abuse me as every muscle in my body was throbbing. I thought I would never return. Two days later I showed up again and again she was there with a smile and pushed me to my limit. Since that time I have signed up for Zumba and one on one training with Kassy and now can hardly wait to see her every Wednesday. I have had a lifelong weight problem and with her guidance and constant encouragement I have lost 80 pounds and feel like I am in my 20’s again. Kassy’s always has a wonderful attitude and has a way of making me push myself to places I never thought possible. Regardless of the reason for this email I just want to let you know how much I appreciate all your hard work and effort you have put into getting me healthy and into shape.

I have gone from not being able to lift my body off of the ground to do one push to being the push up queen. I am forever in your debt and will try to continue to work hard to maintain this level of fitness for years to come. Thanks Kassy you are the BEST!

Push Up Queen

I joined Vivacity back in February 2013 and was just looking at trying out a Boot Camp class. I also decided at that time to join a gym with a 1-year contract and try that as well. Once I met Kassy I soon realized I had made a mistake by locking into a gym membership. Gym memberships don’t offer the one on one support and dedication that Kassy gives. They are packed classes and Vivacity sticks to small classes and making sure you are not injuring yourself and giving you the extra push if you need it. This past week I asked my friends and family what they heard me saying when I spoke of Kassy. That she’s loyal, dedicated, compassionate, and strong, believes in you, proud of her accomplishments, works you hard and believe me when I tell you this – she does work you hard! In all honesty – she knows i can which makes me believe that I can.

I have not reached my goal as of yet but I am half way there! I am stronger and have more energy and believe that I can achieve this lifestyle change. Kassy has made me LOVE working out. I am in Boot Camp and Kickboxing which are now my 2 favourite classes. BellyFit is fun too. She keeps the classes small and I have met some wonderful people and we all support and cheer each other on. Kassy is our biggest cheerleader! Vivacity has changed my life!

“Momma” of Vivacity’s #1 Mother/Daughter Team

Kassy makes Vivacity Fitness go.

I arrived at Vivacity in what I would call “sufficient” physical shape. But I certainly was not anywhere near my peak and over the years I had failed with assorted approaches to reach my physical potential. However, Kassy remedied that quickly.

Kassy’s dedication, guidance, knowledge and passion define her work. Her biggest strength is her ability to bring a structured yet flexible approach to training. No two sessions are ever the same, and each week’s fitness plan is prepared with a long-term and focused view. Kassy also takes a whole-body approach. In my particular case, she put a strong emphasis on my cardio regimen, something that was not up to par for me before I started with her.

Sessions with Kassy are intense, focused and very challenging. It was not long before I abandoned the idea of an “easy” session. But once you haul yourself to the gym early in the morning when it still dark and minus-25, you might as well put in a full effort. Still, on the days when my body is not as cooperative as I would like it to be, Kassy is able to adjust on the fly and modify that day’s plan. This flexibility at least allows me to have a “good day” even when an “excellent day” is not possible.

With Kassy’s mentorship, you will work, you will sweat and you will feel aches and pains. But you will do so in a focused and intelligent manner, and there will be a purpose to it all. And thanks to Kassy, you will also see true physical and mental change, discover new energy and reach your real potential.”

Feeling 10 years younger

Kassy is such a wonderful instructor who always has a smile on her face with a very caring personality. She looks to push me but is extremely aware when something isn’t just right, she then offers alternatives. I have a lot of fun but always walk away feeling so much better than when I came to class. I almost feel like I’m working out a home with a bunch of my girlfriends – it doesn’t get any better than that. Thank you so very much for offering such a relaxed atmosphere to work out.

Deadly Headstander

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball! After two years of being depressed and heavy, I wandered into Vivacity Fitness. The equipment and studio, new and beautifully set up was inviting. It was also a nice surprise to see the wide variety of classes offered! The Strength Training Circuit caught my eye. I wasn’t so worried about losing weight just looking for a way to deal with my depression. The instructor, Kassy listened to my story and within the classes she suggested things which would help me. The classes were small, fun and varied with upbeat music… and I worked hard! Then three weeks later at work the most amazing thing happened, I stopped and found that I was SINGING!  My body didn’t hurt and I felt happy in a way I hadn’t felt for a while. With her gentle manner and excellent training Kassy guided me out of my blues and that is something I feel I could have not done on my own. Now I feel more confident and ready to start on the second part of my training, which is to lose a little weight. Well perhaps more than just a little… I am a lot of woman… but the one thing I have learned is to be gentle with myself. Everyone at Vivacity Fitness has been wonderful, supportive and giving me that gentle push just when I needed it. I found a way to deal with life’s frustrations and down swings without pills. Try Vivacity Fitness to find a healthier and happier you… and maybe in time you will find yourself singing too.

Singing… But No Longer The Blues

I gave birth to my daughter in November 2009. Since then I’ve gained 35lbs and felt terrible about my appearance. Once she became a busy toddler, it hit me just how out of shape I was. On March 13, 2011 I participated in a fitness assessment, done by Kassy Bouchard (Vivacity Fitness) and it was terrible! I weighed in at 180 lbs. and was even unable to complete 65% of the test. After careful observation/testing she told me the dreaded news, in detail. I was obese! This would lead me towards a list full of health risks. Diabetes and cancer were the two that really opened my eyes. It was time for a lifestyle change. I agreed to commit to myself and her that I would whole heartedly follow her customized program and she became my personal trainer. It has been 42 days since I began the program. I have lost 19 lbs. and a total of 8.5 inches off my entire body and am no longer in the obese range of weight. Best of all I feel amazing!

The other health benefits I have received since beginning this program (along with homoeopathic treatment from Dr. D. Bouchard) is mind blowing. I have cured my life long battle with constipation and acid reflux. I sleep ALL night. It has been ages. My headaches are almost NIL. I feel energized and well? let?s just say my husband is pleased too 🙂 I still have weight I would like to lose, but now I am on the right path to reach this goal. Thank you, Kassy, for your constant encouragement, your praise and for giving me the tools to improve my life.

Hot Mommy

I have always struggled with being able to gain/hold weight. I am considered to be a healthy/average guy but really, which guy doesn’t want to add on a couple pounds of muscle. On March 13, 2011 I agreed to take Fitness Assessment with Kassy Bouchard (Vivacity Fitness). After receiving my results I agreed to start a custom program with her as my personal trainer. I was merely interested in building up a bit more muscle with summer around the corner. Well I?m on day 42 and had no idea how much my overall endurance would really change from this. I feel like a million bucks! I?m not tired all the time; I have hardly gotten any headaches since changing my diet. I just have so much energy. My confidence has really boosted too. I’ve gained 6 lbs. and am hoping by July to reach 170 lbs. (gain 19 lbs. more). Thanks Kassy. You have made me realize there is so much more to fitness/diet then weight gain/loss. It can change your overall lifestyle.

Born to be Buff